Diagnostics and Treatment

Admission Department
Therapy Department
1st Cardiology Department
2nd Cardiology Department
3rd Cardiology Department with the Intensive Care Unit
Department of Roentgen-Endovascular Diagnostics and Treatment (Interventional Cardiology)
Outpatient Department
Department of Functional Diagnostics
Department of Radiology, CT and MRI
Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory

Dental Department
Aesthetic Medicine
Lipid Clinic
Clinic of Osteoporosis Prevention
Clinic of Men's Health

Federal Health Center

A new preventive structure in the Russian Federation with the major focus on:

  • Preventive and awareness raising efforts
  • Examination of health people for risk factors
  • Development of individual recommendations to the maintenance of healthy lifestyle

High-Technology Medical Care

Department of Roentgen Endovascular Methods of Diagnostics and Treatment
Laboratory of Roentgen Endovascular Methods of Diagnostics and Treatment
Department of Interventional Arrhythmology

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